A whole turkey can be too much food for a small gathering, but a turkey breast can be perfect.  This turkey breast with gravy recipe is cooked in a Dutch oven and turns out to be mouth watering.  It goes great with our green bean recipe.  Try them both!

These healthy chicken tacos are super easy to make, and are delicious.  If you have extra sauce in the end, it make a great sandwich spread or dip.  Complimented with the right tortilla, and you have a very healthy and flavorful meal.

This Thai Chicken can be made with either a red or a green chili paste.  Either way, it is delicious and offers a good amount of nutritious veggies.  Made in an Instant Pot means that it is super easy and super fast.  I actually made the servings of veggies extra-large to make it extra healthy. …

You cannot go wrong with recipe from Cook’s Country.  This is a great recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Enjoy! Ingredients 25 Ritz crackers (about 3/4 sleeve) 4 slices hearty white bread, torn into pieces 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 8 thin slices deli ham (Black forest ham recommended) 2 cups shredded swiss cheese 4 boneless…

It can be difficult to eat healthy, because it takes time to cook, and if you are not cooking you probably are not eating healthy. I make a big batch of this and then freeze packets of it. A quick and easy meat filling for sandwiches, enchiladas, stuffed peppers….where ever your creativity takes you.  Super…

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