Mexican rice does not have to be complicated.  A few simple ingredients make for a delicious dish.

The is some moderate prep for the perfect baked potato.  Here you go….

Lettuce wraps are a healthy way to cut down on the calories.  This lettuce wrap recipe is similar to what you might get at PF Chang’s.  It can be an appetizer or a main dish.  Incredible flavor!

Here is a quinoa pilaf recipe that is refreshing.  The herbs and lemon juice are a nice addition to this recipe.

I was looking for an easy recipe for appetizer meatballs that also were reasonably healthy, and went with this choice.  It turned out to be a big hit, and they were super easy to make.

If you want to try something different, whip up this this non-traditional pasta salad recipe.  It uses a mix of flavorful  ingredients.  You can prepare as seen here, but I added sauteed tofu to mine to boost the protein, and ate it more as an entree.

Chicken wings are awesome, but we all know that if you enjoy them too much, you will add inches to the waistline.  Try this recipe for healthier chicken wings.  While you are still eating the skin on the chicken, which has a higher fat content, the wings are oven roasted instead of fried.  This recipe…

Sugar snap peas seems to be an overlooked veggie for me, and I have no good reason why.  They are so simple to prepare and have a ton of nutrients.  This sauteed sugar snap pea recipe is so easy it is ridiculous.  And even teenage boys loved them!

This Thanksgiving stuffing has a lighter texture than the traditional moist stuffing served on the holiday.  Still packed with all the goodies and flavor that you would expect on the holiday.  A nice change and something that I would repeat on Turkey day!

If there is one thing I like with a recipe for veggies, it is simplicity.  This one was super easy and green beans with toasted almonds are delcious.  I have prepared this on a number of meals, as it compliments many different main dishes.  It is great with turkey on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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