This breakfast strata recipe takes some prep time but is a crowd pleaser and very satisfying.  One thing that it is not is low calorie, but as I have preached and will continue to do so is that if you live a healthy lifestyle, it is okay to eat calorie-dense food on occasion.  And when…

This Chinese Chili Noodle recipe can be made vegan, with eggs, or even the lean meat of your choice.  I love this recipe.  It is my go-to many times a year.

Here is a quinoa pilaf recipe that is refreshing.  The herbs and lemon juice are a nice addition to this recipe.

This is a favorite of mine.  Super easy to make and very, very good.  I hope you enjoy!

This Chinese Udon Noodle recipe has to be the fastest and easiest thing to cook.  I just had gotten home from an airline flight one late Sunday afternoon and I needed something fast.  Usually something fast is 30-45 minutes, but this was done and delicious in half that time.  A great recipe that your favorite…

This vegetarian chili recipe has a variety of simple ingredients, that combined with using an Instant Pot to cook with, makes this recipe super easy and pretty tasty.  Sweet potatoes and quinoa are both included, along with other veggies (I added hot peppers) give you a good amount of nutrients.  Super healthy and low fat!

If you want to try something different, whip up this this non-traditional pasta salad recipe.  It uses a mix of flavorful  ingredients.  You can prepare as seen here, but I added sauteed tofu to mine to boost the protein, and ate it more as an entree.

This is a variety of white chili, with only a small amount of tomato paste.  Plenty of roasted peppers, with the ability to control the heat, makes this vegetarian chili full of flavor.  Roasted corn brings a nice hint of sweetness to it as well.  While to beans give you a shot of protein, you…

This vegetable bowl with a protein boost recipe has some kick to it with the addition of hot sauce.  A great combination of flavors come together with solid nutrition from veggies and bulgur, which is a hearty grain.  You will not be disappointed with this recipe, I promise.

This African Spiced Vegetable recipe has plenty of flavor but it does not really “fill you up”, so I added tofu for protein but also recommend eating it with some rice or bread to give it substance (if that is what you are looking for).  A big variety of herbs and spices give it plenty…

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