Did you know that we have a continually growing selection of great recipes on our website?  I do not just pick random recipes and share them.  I have prepared every recipe and know that they are good.  Some are more healthy than others, but all are good.  Even desserts, because desserts are a part of…

This is a favorite of mine.  Super easy to make and very, very good.  I hope you enjoy!

Chicken wings are awesome, but we all know that if you enjoy them too much, you will add inches to the waistline.  Try this recipe for healthier chicken wings.  While you are still eating the skin on the chicken, which has a higher fat content, the wings are oven roasted instead of fried.  This recipe…

This vegetable bowl with a protein boost recipe has some kick to it with the addition of hot sauce.  A great combination of flavors come together with solid nutrition from veggies and bulgur, which is a hearty grain.  You will not be disappointed with this recipe, I promise.

I sometimes find that vegetarian dishes do not leave me feeling fulfilled.  Not the case with this vegetarian polenta casserole recipe.  It has a ton of mushrooms that really gives it a distinct flavor and the polenta leaves you with your hunger being satisfied.  It is easy to prepare, and because I used instant polenta…

This Thanksgiving stuffing has a lighter texture than the traditional moist stuffing served on the holiday.  Still packed with all the goodies and flavor that you would expect on the holiday.  A nice change and something that I would repeat on Turkey day!

A whole turkey can be too much food for a small gathering, but a turkey breast can be perfect.  This turkey breast with gravy recipe is cooked in a Dutch oven and turns out to be mouth watering.  It goes great with our green bean recipe.  Try them both!

If there is one thing I like with a recipe for veggies, it is simplicity.  This one was super easy and green beans with toasted almonds are delcious.  I have prepared this on a number of meals, as it compliments many different main dishes.  It is great with turkey on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

When most people think of a roasted veggie recipe, they wrinkle their nose and think it would probably be healthy but not taste great.  Not the case with this one.  When the veggies are caramelized, they become incredibly sweet and flavorful.  I am not really a brussel sprout fan, but I ate every last one…

This pork loin recipe has an array of flavors that I loved.  It has sweet and it has heat (if you want!).  The mix of different flavors that came together wonderfully really made this pork loin recipe a treat.  I accompanied this will roasted veggies, which also have sweetness when carmelized as directed.

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