Your sex, your style of cosmetics, your hair dye, and your preference of beer or wine are all revealed by analyzing the molecules left on your cell phone!  Scientists in California using a technique called mass spectrometry looked at 500 samples taken from the mobile phones of 40 people.  They also said that can tell your sex, if you drink coffee, like spicy food, take antidepressants, and if you enjoy being outdoors.

They say this method of testing can identify a person’s identity, even if there was no fingerprints.  It also could be used to confirm if patients were taking their medication.

The molecules are thought to be transferred from your skin to your phone, and even thorough hand washing does not prevent this.  Some things like mosquito repellent and sunscreens linger on your skin, even when they have not been used in months.  This could help determine if a person’s lifestyle included a lot of time outdoors.

The senior author of the study, Prof Pieter Dorrestein, said there were at least 1,000 different microbes living on the average person’s skin, in hundreds of locations on the body.


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