Health Coaching services give you the added accountability, motivation, and direction needed to break the bad habits that have brought you to where you are today.

Hand writing Make a Change with red marker on transparent wipe board.Our health coaching services are ala carte’, simply choose what is best for you!

Body Composition Test. Measuring your body composition tells you how much of your body is fat and how much is lean mass. This is crucial for knowing exactly what is changing in your body.  This is information the scale will not give you.

You will receive your body composition results, along with a comparison to norms for your gender and age group. Subsequent tests will be compared to your previous test.  This allows you to easily see the progress you are making. Very motivational! $25

Nutrition Plan with consultation.  A dietitian approved eating plan, along with a 15-minute consultation a great jump start for a new lifestyle.  The nutrition plan encompasses general guidelines, healthy eating habits, meal ideas, and portion sizes. $75

Food log review.  After recording your eating habits for up to one week, we will review them and give you feedback and guidance. This is perfect for both accountability and learning. $25

Goal Setting/Planning.  We will give you professional guidance for the upcoming week’s goals, and also help you make a realistic plan to achieve them. This accountability greatly strengthens the chances of success. $25

Activity Review Consultation.  We will have you wear an activity monitor for a number of days and use this information to fine-tune your lifestyle. This is a very strong tool for accountability. This is eye-opening and motivational.  $30

Audio Workshops.  We have two audio workshops that are packed with incredible lifestyle tips. One is from our Eating Behaviorist, and one is from our Dietitian.  Both address critical aspects of lifestyle change.  $15 each

Video Workshops.  “Reading Food Labels” and “Conquering Weight Loss and Optimizing Health” are two very powerful workshops.  Each give you the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. If you do not master the information in these workshops, you will never gain control of your health or weight. $25 each

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