Private Personal Training

Cincinnati trainer working with private personal training client

Just you and a Cincinnati personal trainer.  You will have the undivided attention of your trainer for the full session.  Some prefer this type of personal training all the time, while others like to start with this until they are comfortable, and then switch to the more economical semi-private personal training.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-private personal training client with personal trainer

Enjoy considerable savings while still getting all the needed attention of a personal trainer to ensure you are doing thing right and staying on track.  You will get the same custom personal training program as you would with private personal training, but because the trainer is supervising another, you reap great savings.

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Do It Yourself!

Some people do not want a personal trainer overseeing every workout, but would rather learn a professionally established program that they can perform on their own.  Your workout is designed around the exercise equipment that you have access to, so that you maximize your results.

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