elderly fit man

Dick Thomas came to us after his daughter and Sensible Fitness client Sally Hayes (and granddaughter Emily) thought it would help with his mobility.  At 91 years old, you just don’t get around like you used to!  Dick’s doctor agreed and thought that exercise could help his COPD (chronic onset pulmonary disease).

Although Dick had never performed strength training in his 91+ years, he decided to start.

After a short time Dick reported that “life is just easier” with the strength that he gained. He especially noticed the difference in his legs, which was where we put a little more emphasis.  Many of the exercises we gave him were very challenging and would require him to catch his breath after, but he never complained and did everything we asked.  I can’t say that for most that are half his age without COPD!

Dick headed to the warmer weather of Florida in January and we set him up with a training center there, which will take good care of him until he returns to Cincinnati this summer.  When asked if we should expect him back at Sensible Fitness, he said “Oh yes!”.

It is never too late to improve your quality of life.