Cynthia is going to make some people look bad because she does not make any excuses.  I will get to that more later, but first, let me give you a little background.

Cynthia has been a part of the Sensible Fitness family for over 15 years.  Many years ago she appeared on our TV show talking about the benefits of exercise in dealing with depression.  She has found that exercise levels out the low spots that depression can often throw at a person.  Like many others over the years, Cynthia says that Sensible Fitness helps her mental health just as much or even more than her physical health.  As I have always said, Sensible Fitness is health care, going to the doctor is sick care!

But this alone would not land her in our newsletter.  She gets an honorable mention because she has been kicking butt for quite a long time now.  After suffering a mini-stroke 3 years ago, she continued her training but we had to scale back the intensity, and rightfully so.  But at some point many months ago she “flipped a switch”.  She went from a person that worked out at moderate (probably less than that) intensity, to someone who gives it tremendous effort each and every workout.  She has been rocking it, and is now among the strongest of women at Sensible Fitness.  It has been an incredibly rewarding transformation for me to see.  It is so cool when you see this fire within a person and the positive changes to their life that it brings.

I got carried away with Cynthia’s story…sorry….back to the topic at hand.  I said she does not make excuses.  Cynthia is an avid bicyclist and on a recent Friday, she had to bump her morning appointment at Sensible Fitness to the afternoon.  Why did she have to bump her appointment back?  Well, it was so she could do a 30-mile ride with a group of friends.  Yes, after a 30-mile ride in the morning, she came into the gym later that afternoon.  She earned a lot of respect from me, but there are probably a few clients who will be grumbling because it will make them look bad after canceling for something lame.

Cynthia comes 3X per week.  She does a total body workout on 2 of her days and has a “cardio and core” day in between.  This workout format has worked very well for her.  Great job Cynthia!!

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