In August of 2014, my doctor informed me that I had finally done it!:  I was officially a Type 2 Diabetic at age 51.  I wasn’t surprised.  I had been eating terribly and exercise was limited to an occasional 2 mile walk.

My weight was pushing 230 lbs on a 6’1’ small boned frame.

What may surprise you is that I welcomed this news.  I’m somewhat goal driven, and once I understood the numbers of a blood test, I told my doctor, “No problem, I got this.”  So he agreed that I would not need to take medication if I could improve the results through proper diet and exercise.  Every three months I had to report back to him and give a blood test.

My profession is coaching people, so I understood fully that lowering my blood sugar and improving my overall health would be much easier if I had someone mentor me through the process.  Strike that…I knew it would be impossible for me to achieve my goals without a health coach of my own.  Not only did I not know how to exercise properly, I’m naturally lazy.  There was no way I’d push myself to the limit three days a week if I didn’t have someone there to guide me through it.

I began working with Doug the very next week.  And since then, my body has undergone a major transformation.  My waist size has decreased by three inches and I’ve lost 15 lbs.  But more importantly, my blood results are excellent.  Originally diagnosed with an A1C of 7.1 (6.5 makes you diabetic), I am now at 5.6.  More importantly, I now have a passion for exercise and good health.  Now I know how to exercise, I do so every day, not just when I’m at Sensible Fitness.

When we reach middle age, most of us cannot maintain good health on our own.  There are too many distractions.  Too many bad influences.  What Doug and his staff showed me that I didn’t have to give up my lifestyle, but rather alter it.  I still eat meat, drink wine, and have the occasional dessert.  But I understand how to fuel my body properly so that every day I can take the proper steps for a healthy life.  I’m thrilled with what I can do today.  I will never go back to the old ways, due mostly to what Sensible Fitness has done for me.

Doug told me early on:  “Going to the doctor is not health care.  It’s sick care.  What you do Sensible Fitness…this is healthcare.”  It’s a great reminder for me going forward.