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With many people putting their attempts to lose weight “on hold” during the holidays, a recent study shows that that average American will gain 6 pounds during the season.  Was this you?

In fact, 44% of people said they ate more than one Thanksgiving dinner on the same day, with 30% saying they ate so much they were sick to their stomachs.  A personal trainer like myself simply loves the job security the holidays bring!

Adding insult to injury, half the people in this study said they were not planning to exercise until the beginning of the new year.  Of the group that already had their New Year’s resolution, exercising more and eating healthier was the most common choice.

I commend all of my personal training clients for remaining dedicated to your health throughout the holidays.  I put on some weight, and you should have too, but your healthy lifestyle will prevail and it will drop off.  Remember it is now until Thanksgiving that dictates the waistline.  That is 11 months of lifestyle.

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