do it yourself workout

Do you want to learn a program you can do on your own?  Our DIY package is perfect for you.

First, you will give us a list of all the equipment you have access to.  Hand weights, machines, rubber bands, ankle weights….whatever.  We then take your equipment list and put together a program for you to perform on your own.  It will be customized to your specific goals, medical conditions, or orthopedic issues.  Here is how it works….



We will have already developed your program, so this session is used to have you perform it under our continual supervision.  During this workout, you will take notes/pics/video so that you will remember proper form on every exercise.  Before you leave, you will repeat every exercise a second time, using your memory and any cues we need to offer.  We want to make sure you remember your program before leaving!



We recommend you schedule this session within a week or two from your first session.  In this session you will perform your new workout in its entirety, while we correct the bad habits that inevitably have arose.  With your first session being focused on instruction, we also use this opportunity to show you the proper intensity level for your new program, and fine tune the format if needed to insure compliance and maximal results.

When it is all said and done, you will have a complete strength training program, specific to your goals and equipment that you have access to.  Because your muscles will accommodate to this group of exercises after a number of weeks, our recommendation is to repeat this package and learn a new set of exercises to avoid plateauing.  Many people repeat this package a number of times, and soon have a large variety of exercises to choose from, which keeps the mind fresh and the body stimulated for continued progress.

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