Mealtime affects weight loss and health!

A few years back, they found that mice that were allowed to eat whenever they wanted were fatter than mice that were given the exact same amount of food, but only had an 8-hour window in which to eat it.

Cincinnati gym clockMore recently, a study found that mice that went for 12 hours without eating remained healthier and slimmer than those that at the same number of calories, but spread out over time.

So a doctor tried it out on humans.  He had a control group that was asked to keep eating as they normally would, while the other group was asked to eat breakfast 3 hours later, and supper 3 hours earlier.

The people who changed their eating times lost more body fat and had bigger decreases in blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol.

An interesting finding was that in the morning after a meal, blood sugar levels returned to normal fairly quickly, but in the evening both blood sugar and fat levels in the blood continued to rise for 4 hours after eating.  The same food eaten late at night has a much more harmful impact on your health than if eaten in the morning.  This is relevant to those trying to lose weight because if your blood sugars stays elevated, your body releases insulin, which promotes the storage of fat.

So give me a moment to get up on my soap box and say it again….

1.  Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a peasant!

2.  No eating for a few hours before bed!

3.  It is okay to be hungry and not eat.

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