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Doug Gibson is the owner and cornerstone of the Sensible Fitness personal trainer staff.  He is the first person you will talk to when you call or come in.  He has been in the health and fitness industry since the 80s, and has an incomparable combination of education and experience as a Physical Therapy professional, bodybuilding champion, hospital weight-loss consultant, trainer of Olympic Gold Medalists, and host of award-winning televised fitness program.

Doug become a Physical Therapy professional over 25 years ago.  His work experience includes outpatient sports and rehab, hospital inpatient, long-term care, and home health. While he maintains his license, including continuing education, he does not perform physical therapy at Sensible Fitness.  He uses his knowledge to help people reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer in Cincinnati.

Having years of experience exercising with patients in a clinical setting, clients are comforted knowing that Doug establishes all the protocols used at Sensible Fitness in order to maximize both their effectiveness and safety. He is an expert in the field and a person that many branches of the media turn to including multiple television networks and Newsweek magazine.

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Doug worked with the Jewish Hospital Weight Management Center, which is a physician supervised weight management program.  As an exercise consultant, he worked with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people addressing their individual challenges for reaching and maintaining weight loss goals.  Once he put an out of order sign on the elevator, which made participants take the stairs to his second floor classroom.  The problem was, he forgot to take the sign off the elevator, prompting the maintenance department to call him the next morning.  Many got a good laugh out of that one.

Many years of Doug’s career has been working with athletes.  From Jr. high school, all the way to professional athletes.  Leading up to and including the 1996 Olympics, he worked with a group of women’s gymnasts from Cincinnati.  Jaycie Phelps and Amanda Borden went on to win Olympic gold medals that year.  He continued to work with the gymnasts through the 2000 Olympics in which more of his gymnasts went on to represent the USA.  One of his most driven athletes was April Kerley a swimmer born with one arm.  April went to Beijing in 2008, representing the United States in the Paralympics.

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Since 1997, Doug has been the sole driving force behind his 3-time award winning educational television program.  All filming, directing, producing, filming, editing, etc. is done by him as a community service to the residents of the Cincinnati area.  The program, rightfully named “Sensible Fitness”, focuses on many aspects of health and fitness including muscle anatomy, nutrition, lifestyle change, success stories, and of course, exercise.  The program is filmed at the personal training facility, and often features personal training clients.

Doug does not want to turn you into a bodybuilder!

After hearing tons of his female personal training clients say “I don’t want to look like you!”, Doug usually downplays his accomplishments in bodybuilding.  But if you want to gain muscle tone and definition while getting rid of fat, he would be the man to turn to.

Doug is a 17-time bodybuilding champion, including Mr. Cincinnati and Mr. Ohio.  He has been seen in numerous publications, along with multiple local televisions stations, as well as ESPN.

After bodybuilding, Doug went on to run marathons and become a decorated triathlete.  Today his goal is to remain fit, and live a high quality of life.  This is largely his mantra with his personal training clientele.

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