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The BMJ, one of  the oldest medical journals in the world, recently reported on the overspending for a number of drugs, especially cancer drugs.  Let me give you an idea of what is going on.  Let’s say you need a total of 150mg of a drug, but the drug is only sold in 100mg bottles.  This would force you to buy 2 bottles and the let the remaining 50mg go unused.  This leads to considerable expense for the patient, as well as considerable waste, but also lends to sizable profits for the drug companies.

Here is the real punch to the gut.  The drug companies offer a variety dosages in other countries, which eliminates this overspending and waste.  In the twisted “healthcare” industry we are in, the profits from overspending not only go to the drug companies who are making them, but also doctors and hospitals who are billing for them.  In 2016, drug companies are estimated to earn $1.8 billion from leftover cancer drugs alone.


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