Did you parents ever give you food to calm you down when upset?  How about a cookie to help that skinned knee?  Recent research show that instances like this lead a child to have an unhealthy relationship with food.  Saying that in fact, emotional eating is learned, not inherited.

This unhealthy relationship, or attitude towards food, can certainly lead to obesity.  And in cases where people eat less when emotional, can lead to anorexia or other disorders.

A recent study was done with both identical and non-identical twins, with half having obese parent, and half having healthy weight parents.  The results showed that environment had more influence that genes.

What do you do with this information?  If you are a parent, avoid using food to soothe your child.  Teach them another way to deal with emotions.  If you are an adult with emotional eating problems, this is empowering information to help you direct your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle!  Rather than beating yourself up with trendy diets….look at how you are feeling when you eat, and why you are eating.

The only feeling that eating will cure is hunger.

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