Straight from a journal called Appetite, researchers studied how simply eating in “moderation” would impact a person’s ability to control their weight.

They did multiple studies, trying to address this from a variety of different angles. When they tallied the results of three studies they concluded that “moderation” had a wide range of interpretations.

Most people deemed “moderation” as anything more than they are currently eating. This means no matter how much a person was actually consuming, they felt they were eating less than a moderate amount.  The conclusion of the study stated that messages of eating in moderation are unlikely to be effective for weight loss and weight control.

This crushes my long-time philosophy of telling clients “everything in moderation”. I made an incorrect assumption that everyone would recognize moderation, and they clearly do not. Drinking 32 oz. of Diet Coke each day is excess in the eyes of most health professionals, but according to this research, the person typically drinking this feels it is a quantity less than a moderate amount.

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