Our government has approved a number of weight loss techniques.  All of them fail to address the root problem, which is changing a person’s behavior.  But surely there will be many that look to this as an easy way to lose weight, and sadly will try one of these.

One is an inflatable stomach-filling balloon. A balloon is inserted down a person’s throat, while sedated, and then the balloon is filled with saline. In company trials, obese patients lost about 7% of their body weight over a 6-month period. But you cannot live with this in your stomach forever, and when it was removed patients regained over 2/3 of the weight back within 6 months.

And we have all probably heard of the LAP-band, which is a stomach shrinking banding technique. Obese patients can lose as much as 17% of their body weight, but around 20% regain the weight within 3 years.

What about zapping a nerve to curb hunger? The FDA approved just that, with a device that will shock a person’s vagal nerve, which they think blocks communication between the brain and the stomach. Normally, the nerve tells the brain whether the stomach is empty or full. The system has 3 implanted devices and includes a pulse generator in the upper left chest, and 2 wires that go into the abdomen on the vagal nerve. After 12 months, obese participants lost 9% of their body weight.

And I must save the best weight loss system for the last. How about being able to eat whatever you want and as much as you want? You can do just that with the newly approved stomach-emptying device that will let you dump 1/3 of your stomach’s content into the toilet via a drain implanted in the stomach. It is basically the opposite of a feeding tube used in hospital for patients that cannot eat. In one trial, obese patients lost 12% of their body weight. The system has an automatic shut off valve after 115 “dumps”, requiring the patient to see the doctor again.

lifestyle change works!

Do any of these techniques solve the problem?   As our client Freddie Thoman, who had gastric bypass surgery, pointed out in our recent newsletter, weight loss surgery does not solve the problem. The problem is lifestyle and your issues will continue, as will your weight gain.

In my 25+ years in the industry, I have known many that have tried surgeries, liposuction, or pills, potions, and lotions.  Not one has been successful in weight control, not one.

Lifestyle change is what works. Just ask Kate Thesing, who lost 80+ pounds and has kept it off!  She will be the first to tell you that her life has been given back to her!


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