Let me remind you of how Kathy Dubbs started at Sensible Fitness. 60+ years old, 2 total knee replacements, and morbidly obese. She walked from her car directly to our bathroom to sit on the toilet and catch her breath. She literally could not walk a couple hundred feet without being exhausted. All her exercises needed to be sitting on equipment because she could not stand for long, and certainly could not get up from the floor if we put her on the ground.

kathy is nearing 100 pounds of weight loss

My how times have change.  Kathy is now closing in on 100 pounds of weight loss. BOOM!  She has progressed from short walks between sets of exercises to a mile long walk before a total body workout with her trainer.  I might add the mile long walk was down Cornell Rd. towards Sharonville and back, which is basically one monster hill. BOOM!

Kathy is routinely on the floor doing exercises and getting up independently, along with bursts of cardio on the stationary bike or race walking between sets of weight training exercises.

In April, she went on a family vacation to Philadelphia that included 2.3 miles of required walking. Before Kathy’s lifestyle change, this would have been impossible. Here are her words:

“2.32 MILES…..ME…..2.32 MILES! I appreciate you and Patty so very much for what you have so patiently done for me …you have given me my life back!  I would have dreaded this trip with walking and could not have participated without the milestones you are pushing me to achieve.  I am beyond thankful for what you have done and will continue to do to improve my health.  My friends are amazed from when I saw them all last April!

You are doing so much good Doug….I just hope you realize how valuable what you do every day is for your clients.  Not many careers where you can truly improve somebody’s life like you do!”

Working around the limitations of Kathy’s two total knee replacements have included bumps in the road, but her focus, perseverance, and trust in our guidance have kept her moving forward.  Each time in the gym, she has reached a new milestone.  Although some are bigger than others, they are all milestones and have added up to boomin’ results.  Her hard work and dedication to health was recently recognized by her doctor when Kathy was taken off of a blood pressure medication she has been on for over 15 years! BOOM!

Kathy has now committed to her first 5K walk in July!


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