Visit with a person committed to their weight loss or fitness and they will not bat an eye about weather related distractions. But those with a fair-weather attitude about their health will quickly use the “weather card”, leaving themselves in the hands of Mother Nature. If you are living in the Cincinnati area, this is a stimulus package for a whopping waistline.

As springtime is fast approaching, the thousands of Flying Pig Marathon participants have already been training for weeks in the bone-chilling cold of winter.  Ask them about running outside when the temps are below freezing, and they will tell you how much they sweat.  Ask about the rain, and they will tell you that getting wet never hurt anyone.  They just have a different outlook.

Unfortunately, weather is often a big excuse, used by the less dedicated, to get out of exercising.  Too cold, too wet, too hot, too windy, too dark, too humid.  Mention moving the workout to the treadmill, and the response will be “that is boring”.  Funny, no frowns about watching TV or listening to music on a couch, but do the same on a treadmill, and all of the sudden it becomes boring!  Let’s call a spade, a spade, and just scream….LAZY!

When the smoke clears, it is your attitude, and what truly are your priorities.  I hope people can ditch their fair-weather attitude toward their weight loss, and consider prioritizing some really cool events that are coming up on the springtime calendar.

Heart Mini-Marathon.  You can run or walk anywhere from 3 miles to just over 9.  It only takes weeks to prepare for the shorter distances, and yes, you can do it.  Benefits the American Heart Association, what a great cause!

Flying Pig Marathon.  Like the Heart-Mini, there are a variety of distances you can run or walk.  It just takes you to make a commitment.  Feel the energy of thousands of participants on the roads, and fans along them!

Little Miami Triathlon. Canoeing, running or walking, and biking.  The perfect triathlon for the serious athlete, or the weekend warrior.  It is a blast for people of many ages.  Some do it to win, some do it to finish, and all do it with smiles.

Loveland’s Amazing Race. This is a fun, quirky, adventure that rambles through Loveland and challenges the contestants agility, balance, coordination, strength, intelligence, problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and most important their sense of humor.  You do not have to be an athlete for this one!

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