Fat knees.  What can be done?

Ask a man about “fat knees” and he will give you a stare of being totally clueless, which I might add, is genuine.  Mention the same to a woman, and she will start nodding her head in agreement and understanding.

As the song goes…“Your thigh bone’s connected to your shin bone”, and this is what forms the knee joint, the union of the femur and the tibia.  Above the knee joint is the thigh muscle (quadriceps), which attaches to the kneecap (patella), and the patellar tendon attaches the kneecap to your shin bone (tibia).  This tendon is the one that the doc hits to test your reflexes.

With all the action that the knee joint gets in about every motion of your leg, the underside of the kneecap and the patellar tendon needs some extra cushion around them.  Well, our very thoughtful Creator put fat pads below the knee to help do this job. With your knee totally straight, you might be able to feel or see the fat pads, like mushy little pillows, on each side of your patellar tendon, which is actually below the knee joint.

Okay, your knee does have fat pads, and some may be bigger than others, but when visiting with numerous women about their fat knee issues, I have yet to have one point at the area of the fat pads.  With that said, I must share my experience of well over 30 combined years in physical therapy, personal training, and bodybuilding, I have never seen disproportionate fat storage around the knee.  Often the “fat knees”, come with matching legs.

On the other hand, I had a woman who was size 0 and thought she had fat knees.  We all have our perceptions, and although these feelings are valid, they sometimes are linked to self-image issues.

Realize the fact that we are all shaped differently.  Knees come in all shapes and sizes and the way your body stores fat around them is also unique.  This is called beauty and not imperfection. Our society often strives for the unrealistic perfection we see in magazines that have been run through hours of Photoshop.

If you store excess body fat in the knee area, the best thing to do is become leaner through a healthy lifestyle.  You will lose fat everywhere, but if you store a great deal in the lower body, this is where you should see the most change.

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