This is a great time of year to reflect. We are far from the “holidays”, so what you are doing right now is your lifestyle, and it is your lifestyle that is the biggest influence on your health and appearance.

And being a fitness guru, I can’t help but reflect on the changes in the health and fitness industry. You have heard the cliché “the more thing change, the more they stay the same”. This certainly holds true in the weight loss world.

Just look at dieting in the last decades. Many years ago, the Adkins Diet was going full steam. Although originally written in 1972, it did not gain popularity until the early 90s, when the desperate overweight community was tired of the fat-free craze. The term “bad carbs” was coined, and everyone blamed their fatness on the carbohydrate. The poor, innocent, nutritious, and healthy carbohydrate was the scapegoat. Everyone should have instead stood in front of the mirror and uttered the words “bad choices”, instead of “bad carbs”.

The Adkins Diet faded and other diets gained popularity. South Beach Diet is one, but go to the local bookstore or Google the term “diet”, and you will find thousands. Diets change, but the thing that stays the same is that people are searching for something magic. Constantly searching for the diet that will let them keep their unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, yet somehow magically end up with a naughty beach body.

Like diets and life in general, the more exercise gizmo’s change the more they stay the same. Promises of easy weight loss and muscle toning, either without exercise, or with only minutes a day. The sad thing is that people are so lazy, and desperate to be thin, that they do not see through the lies. They stimulate the economy with purchases of diet books that will be partially read, and exercise contraptions that will collect dust.

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I mentioned before that people are always desperate and searching for an easy way to maintain fitness. To validate this, I included the cover of a book that I found in the attic of a house. The copyright date of this book was 1941, and they were sucking people in then, with the same empty promises you hear today. People 70 years ago were looking for an easy way to get results in 10 days or less. This should be wake up call for anyone who has tried a fad diet, or an exercise program promising easy results.   Give up on the idea of anything changing your appearance without dedication and work being involved. You are wasting your time.

I ask you to think about what direction your fitness is going. As we enter the final years of a decade, now is a great time to reflect. What size were you in 2010? How much did you weigh? This gives you an excellent picture of the direction you are heading, and the quality of life you will have in 10, 15, 20 years if everything continues.

If there is one thing I would like you to take out of this article, it would be that small changes to your lifestyle will add up to big changes over time. What if 10 years ago you quit eating late night meals, gave up the snacking habit, or started eating a healthy breakfast? Where would you be today if you took your time, but stayed on track toward a healthy lifestyle over the past 10 years?

Listen to me. Implement the KISS technique: Keep It Simple Stupid. Make one positive, yet permanent change to your lifestyle every few months. Do this and you will win the battle.

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