Roger Neff is an Evendale firefighter that had a mandatory fitness test lurking in his future. A big problem that faced him was a terribly painful knee condition known as Chrondromalacia. A part of his fitness test is carrying a heavy load of gear while going up steps, and with this painful knee condition it would make that impossible.
Chondromalacia is when the underside of your knee cap becomes irritated and extremely painful. Often times the cartilage is wearing awayRoger.Weight.loss because the knee cap is not tracking properly in the groove of your knee joint. Going up and down stairs is one of the worst and most painful things you can with a knee that has this condition.

Roger turned to us for help in passing his fitness test, because with a failing grade, his job was in jeopardy. And I should mention another problem that was challenging Roger was that he was overweight and a smoker, putting away a full carton of cigarettes a week! This was going to also make the stair climbing aspect of his test outrageously difficult from a Roger after weight loss from a cardiovascular standpoint. He was going to be wiped out after the stairs, which is the first event…how could he possibly go on and conquer the push-ups, sit-ups, and overhead ladder lift (only to mention a few)???

With only 10 weeks to go from his test, Roger committed to us for 2X per week. We established a program that would strengthen the muscle around his knees in order to get his kneecap tracking properly. We also focused a great deal of attention all the various muscle groups that would help him with the other events. We encouraged him stay after his workout and ride the stationary bike to increase his cardiovascular endurance, while also promoting weight loss.

So how did he do? Roger’s story has a two-part happy ending. First off, Roger passed his fitness test on the first attempt. This in itself was an incredible accomplishment, as Roger completely transformed his fitness level in 10 short weeks. But the best part of Roger’s story is where he is at presently.

Roger is still with us today and continues to move his lifestyle in a healthy direction. He has cut his smoking down from a full carton a week, to a pack a week. He stays after every workout and rides 30 miles on the bike, a total of 60 miles a week! His knee is much better, he has lost weight, strength and endurance are greatly increased, and he reports higher energy levels along with a drop in his waist from 40 to 38. When I asked him to list all these results he just shared, he ended with the best words a trainer can hear from a client…”overall better health”. That is the magic stuff!

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