This is the unedited message from our client Freddie Thoman regarding surgical weight loss surgery.  Powerful stuff!

Hello and best wishes to the entire Sensible Fitness Family.  My name is Fred Thoman; “Freddie” to all whom know me.  I am sharing this learning from my personal journey back toward personal fitness in hopes that it brings anyone considering Gastric Bypass Surgery/Bariatric Surgery  (GBS) additional information and first hand knowledge from my experience.  I, like so many have fought the battle of weight all my life. Thankfully I have always been rather active and at times and like now; actively engaged in weight training with Dear Friends and Trainers.

Nevertheless, life has its way of creating new challenges and if we are honest with ourselves….how we react to those challenges shape our fitness world.
In 2003 at the tender age of 45, I was tipping the scale (freight scale) at 551lbs (and climbing). Although I was not exhibiting any major health issues (yet), My Primary Care Doc and close personal friend counseled me to consider weight loss surgery. His very trusted opinion could foresee my relatively good health as a fleeting reality.  This “share” in no way replaces the sound advice from your Physician. In many cases this surgery is perhaps a last resort in order to deal with overriding health issues that must be addressed immediately by significant weight loss!


During my experience I have also met and heard the stories of other (GBS) patients who saw this surgery as a “SHORTCUT” to weight loss and really did not fit the profile typically set forth by the (GPS) guidelines (typical profile for GBS candidate was minimum 100lbs over “proper height/weight”).
Many have the surgery while not meeting this criteria.  I am here to tell you that there are NO SHORTCUTS to fitness and good health.  I lost 260lbs in under 6 months (went from size 7X to wearing XL), but doing all the wrong things and NOT properly following the support provided by my (GBS) team. I did NOT enter into a proper workout routine and did NOT change my eating behavior; I basically just stopped eating.

Along with the weight loss went muscle mass, iron, potassium, hydration and assorted necessary nutrients that proper nutrition intake provides. My surgery was a virtually flawless procedure and outcome with “zero” complications but for the ones that I alone am responsible for. Not all patients have this “success”.
Over the 8-10 years following (GBS) that unchanged behavior as well as other stresses brought back most of the weight that had been lost.
My sincere message which has no agenda, is simply this…………………………………..The positive and necessary outcome you seek will ultimately ONLY come from embracing your NEW EATING BEHAVIOR with WORKING OUT.

My journey is ongoing, I am only sharing the wisdom that I found the hard way. I am not nor ever will be perfect but I’m on the right path.  I pray this helps those of you seeking insight; I am happy to freely discuss the (GBS) process from “my perspective” to anyone interested.

I am actively working out each week with Friends at Sensible Fitness and am down 115 of those regained lbs. I have maintained these losses over the past many months and now plan to once again double my efforts with even better nutrition, as I readdress my weight loss plan.  Have that tough but enlightened talk with your Doctor and if approved; make your move to a better, healthier life without surgery!


Sincere wishes for success and great happiness to all considering these major life-altering decisions, Freddie



Freddie after losing weight


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