Often people on the quest for weight loss can be exceedingly hopeful of finding an easy way to make this happen.  This leads to a person following the advice from a person who has no business giving it.  When it comes to getting advice regarding weight loss, a person should be very selective.

An example that jumps out at me is Oprah.  Oprah has no formal education in health/fitness and has never successfully maintained control of her weight, yet an astronomical number of people will follow her advice or recommendation on weight loss.

weight loss expert? no way.

The same is true in fitness centers. A person who has no education or experience (i.e. successfully controlled their own weight), telling another what is okay to eat or drink, or sharing tips on weight loss.  A good question to ask these advice givers is “is that what you do, and how has it worked out for you?”

If you were concerned about your financial independence, would you accept advice from someone with no education in finance that is flat broke? Let’s hope not. Yet in the desperate attempt of finding the magic way to control one’s weight, people will often listen to anyone and try anything…but what works.

The moral of my story:  Only accept advice from the qualified.

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