Healthy eating leads to healthy feelings toward yourself.

Healthy eating leads to healthy feelings toward yourself.  When most of what you put in your mouth is nutritionally sound, then when some junk food enters, it is no big deal.  All too often people feel shame or guilt after eating some junk food.  This is not a healthy behavior.

While everyone is different, what works for me is to have 90% of what goes into my mouth be for the nutritional value that the food has.  If 90% of what you eat is healthy food, you will never feel guilt about having something unhealthy.  When only 10% of your food is “unhealthy”, then that food is a treat…and you should never regret a treat.

Unfortunately, many people eat more than 10% unhealthy foods, and that means it is a lifestyle.  I recommend writing down everything you eat for a week and see how much is healthy vs. unhealthy.  On a day to day basis, you may not think you are “cheating” much, but when you look at a full week or a full month, you may be surprised!

Another thing people often say after eating something unhealthy is…”I feel fat”.  Do you ever say this after a day of eating steamed veggies and lean proteins?  Probably not.  This is often said after eating something unhealthy.  And since “fat” is not an emotion, you cannot feel “fat”.  You could be feeling shame, disgust, regret, low self-esteem, etc.  And since it is easier to deal with “fat” than it is with deep felt emotions, people throw themselves on diet.  Try to figure out WHY you are eating.  Is it because you are hungry, or is it connected to an emotion?

But you will never say “I regret eating healthy yesterday”.


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