Enjoy our healthy side dishes and appetizers, while remembering that some of them are healthier than others.  “Cheating” on your diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, but you first have to be living a healthy lifestyle.  While most of our recipes would not constitute “cheating”, there are  a few.  Our side dishes and appetizers have all been prepared and tasted before we publish them….so all are delicious!

Lettuce wraps are a healthy way to cut down on the calories.  This lettuce wrap recipe is similar to what you might get at PF Chang’s.  It can be an appetizer or a main dish.  Incredible flavor!

lettuce wrap recipe

Here is a quinoa pilaf recipe that is refreshing.  The herbs and lemon juice are a nice
addition to this recipe.

quinoa pilaf recipe

I was looking for an easy recipe for appetizer meatballs that also were reasonably healthy, and went with this choice.  It turned out to be a big hit, and they were super easy to make.

healthy appetizer meatball recipe

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