Enjoy our healthy side dishes and appetizers, while remembering that some of them are healthier than others.  “Cheating” on your diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, but you first have to be living a healthy lifestyle.  While most of our recipes would not constitute “cheating”, there are  a few.  Our side dishes and appetizers have all been prepared and tasted before we publish them….so all are delicious!

I was looking for an easy recipe for appetizer meatballs that also were reasonably healthy, and went with this choice.  It turned out to be a big hit, and they were super easy to make.

healthy appetizer meatball recipe

If you want to try something different, whip up this this non-traditional pasta salad recipe.  It uses a mix of flavorful  ingredients.  You can prepare as seen here, but I added sauteed tofu to mine to boost the protein, and ate it more as an entree.

Healthy pasta salad recipe

Chicken wings are awesome, but we all know that if you enjoy them too much, you will add inches to the waistline.  Try this recipe for healthier chicken wings.  While you are still eating the skin on the chicken, which has a higher fat content, the wings are oven roasted instead of fried.  This recipe has the wings coming out fairly crispy as well.  Toss them in sauce of your choice and you are golden!

Healthier chicken wing recipe

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