I have been so incredibly proud of several clients for their extra efforts of staying after their workout to get some cardio in.  This is a great time to burn fat, because all of the carbs get burned up during a strength training workout…leaving fat as a prime energy source.

Becky losing weight

Becky Finger comes in at 6am and has been hitting the bike hard after her workout.

Down 5 pounds in January, with a vacation thrown in there too.

Walsh sisters getting fit

Belle and Casandre Walsh have been hitting the treadmill after their workout for a long time now.

They have demonstrated a great commitment to better health.

Very proud of these two!

roger weight loss client

Roger Neff.  You seen him in our newsletter a few months ago, but he deserves to be mentioned again.  After every workout Roger gets on the bike and goes for over a full hour, biking 30 miles.

He has had a huge turnaround in health and quality of life.

Two thumbs up to this effort!

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