Ah, the nasty orange peel looking skin condition that women of all shapes and sizes try to rid themselves of.  It is never a welcome addition to a person’s appearance and creams, potions, and lotions are readily marketed as a cure.  Let’s look at the facts and fiction of cottage cheese skin syndrome.

The facts.  Cellulite is real, and it usually finds a home in the pelvic/buttocks region, along with the lower limbs of women.  The few men who suffer the condition are usually lacking a few hormones that make men, well, men.  It is said to affect 80-90% of all women to some degree and evidence suggests the structural differences in fat architecture between the sexes account for its appearance.cellulite on legs

The facts, continued:  Although cellulite is a benign condition, women often take drastic and often invasive measures to rid themselves of it, all for the sake of vanity.  The easy-way-out treatments for cellulite range from massage, to laser treatments, to medically questionable potions and lotions, to invasive injections and liposuction.  The health risks and other dangers of cellulite certainly come from efforts to lose it and not the condition itself.

Now the fiction.  Many of the products on the market have greatly improved and are now offering impressive results.  The lotions now available have been reengineered and because of their osmotic-based molecular structure, they now penetrate the skin deeply and break down the collagen fibers that cause the orange peel appearance.  Previously, a prescription would have been required for a product like this, but the FDA has now eliminated this requirement.

The fiction, continued:  Like the advances seen in lotions, the same holds true with most other treatments.  Medical and scientific progress has opened the doors to many other options, which is great news for many.  Massage, injections, lasers, and of course liposuction, are all now considered very effective, incredibly easy, and more importantly, instant relief from cellulite.

Back to the facts:  While a high body fat composition will certainly worsen the appearance of cellulite, even women with normal or low body fat levels might experience it, but to a much lesser degree.  Also, lowering your stress level may help as stress releases hormones that have been thought to worsen the condition.

To a large degree, it is human nature, to look for an easy cure to cellulite, but they simply do not exist.  According to the most recent medical research I could find, there is nothing that is more than mildly or temporarily effective at very best.  It looks like your best bet is to stick with a healthy lifestyle and keep body fat in control.

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