As a physical therapy professional, here is an example of a classic patient who is not happy with their knee surgery….

Patient: “I wish I never had this surgery.  The pain is as bad as it was before the surgery.  I have been doing my therapy and it has not helped.”  Oh, poor me…..

Therapist:  “Can you show me the home exercises you were supposed to be doing 2x per day the last 4 weeks?”

Patient fumbling:  “Uh……..”

This is a classic example of someone who does not do everything they need to do to succeed but quickly blames someone other than themselves for their failure.  This is also seen in many other aspects of life, including those with weight loss goals.

When I see people dieting and their exercise is “walking the dog”, they are not doing everything needed to succeed.  When they go to they gym and are either socializing or working out at 50% intensity, they are not doing everything needed to succeed.  When they have a “treat” everyday, because “I have to have my chocolate/wine/etc. etc”…they are not doing everything needed to succeed.  And most times, of course, it is not their fault.

If you are doing everything needed to succeed and are feeling down, you have earned a pity party, complete with balloons and confetti.

All others need not apply.

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