Betty zipling

85 years young!  At 85, Betty decided to try zip-lining and loved it.  After going once, she exclaimed “That was fun!  Can we do it again?”, and of course she zipped a second time.

The employees said they had never seen someone her age go zipping before and offered a few extra free passes for next time!

The quality of life that health and fitness gives a person is the ultimate reward.  For myself as a trainer, and for the client that gets to live large.

Kathy has lost over 100 pounds, but that is not the best part.

When Kathy started, she walked from our parking lot straight into the bathroom to sit on a toilet and rest…she was exhausted just walking a couple hundred feet.

Recently, Kathy worked for days including plenty of lifting in preparation for a fundraiser….but it gets better. The night of the fundraiser, she danced ALL night!    Kathy said that last year at the fundraiser, she only sat and watched people dance.  It was incredible to see this transformation in quality of life.

Kathy Dancing

Dan without diabetes

Not only did Dan insist on being put in our newsletter, but he also suggested that his achievement can compare to those of Jeremy Hedman, our most inspirational client of all time (his post is available if you scroll down a ways).

Dan is actually worthy of being in our newsletter, as he came in for a workout on Monday, had knee surgery on Tuesday, and then attended his normally scheduled workout on Friday.  While this does not put him anywhere close to Jeremy’s league, it is commendable and a statement of dedication to his health.  He is certainly making those that cancel for a measly “sore knee” look bad, when he comes in just a few days after surgery.


My best story of all-time with “refusing to cancel an appointment” comes from April Kerley.  April was born with only one hand, and while in a foot race in here against another client, twisted her ankle and broke her foot.  Now imagine a woman with one hand and one foot, using a crutch, hobbling around yet never missing a single workout.  April came to Sensible Fitness to prepare for the Paralympics in Beijing, China, and successfully represented the United States.

The knowledge and experience of Sensible Fitness means that you never have to miss a workout!

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