You may have heard Kate’s story before, but I just cannot resist giving you an update.  Kate came to us years ago and was obese and literally unable to tie her own shoes.  Her daugther had to tie her shoes for her because of a painful hip condition that two orthopedic surgeons could not help her with.  This hip also stranded her in the middle of Jungle Jim’s, where she could not take another step and had to call her family for rescue.

With a well planned strength and flexibility training program, along with attention to her eating habits, Kate has lost 80+ pounds and just finished her 3rd half marathon (13.1 miles) in the Grand Tetons National Park.  Kate invested in health care (lifestyle change) rather than sick care (doctors and drugs) and has a new life that she is running with.

What I love most about Kate’s story is that she made a decision not to be a victim of her medical condition.  She got off her ass and did something about it.  With the majority of disease being from lifestyle choices, millions of people can learn from Kate.  Your lifestyle and your quality of life is 100% in your hands.  Take charge.


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