Kathy Dubbs came to Sensible Fitness a year and a half ago.  These are her words…..

Retired, morbidly obese carrying over 200 lbs in excess weight, with two total knee replacements, neuropathy, arthritis, and developing back issues.  I had lost over 100 lbs on a 20 week medically supervised diet of meal supplements with no exercise or lifestyle changes.  It was 5 years before and gained it all back.  My lifestyle had become sedentary, one of TV, my recliner, take out and restaurant food; if I did cook, I had to sit on a stool in the kitchen.  My body was so weak and out of shape I couldn’t get up of floor, couldn’t actively play with the grand kids, was exhausted and out of breath just walking down the driveway to the mailbox.  I took small steps, bent over, and out of breath.  I always looked for a place to sit, I was exhausted everywhere I went.  I had no energy, no strength.  I was in serious trouble health wise.

I had never exercised or strength trained before.

My first day, Doug suggested I arrive early to warm up.  I thought to myself, exercise before I exercise?  I was out of breath by the time I walked across the parking lot. In the beginning months I used to sit and hide in the restroom to catch my breath from the walk in….. then grab a towel and stroll slowly around the gym for my warm up …sweating, hurting, hoping not to get out of breath before my workout even began.  Ten crunches and I was out of breath.  I had to do all my exercises sitting on a bench as I didn’t have the strength to get on and off the floor.  I couldn’t even get my arms over my head for various arm exercises.  Everything hurt.  I couldn’t do more than one exercise standing without having to sit in between and rest before the next exercise.  A walk outside from the back door to the front door of the gym was nearly impossible. I lacked both the balance to sit on a stability ball and the strength to go from sit to stand.  I could only lift light weights.

They continued to challenge and encourage me every workout, making adjustments, trying new things, slowly increasing weight, reps, walks, cardio. Crunches went from 10 to 15 to 30 to 50+.  I was shown techniques to get up and down off the floor, and soon I had gotten strong and confident enough to try, and it worked.  I now am able to do floor exercises, and play on the floor with the grand kids.  I am strong enough and have improved my balance to get up and down off the stability ball, even doing push-ups on the ball.  My warm ups went from hiding in the restroom to rowing, now to 10-15 minutes on the bike.  My reps went from 15 to 20 to now I can even do a more challenging timed interval workout.  And my weights are getting bigger in size!  I actually am having fun in the gym and developing confidence that more is possible.

2 minutes, level 1 on the stationary bike at 30-50 rpm was nearly impossible several months ago.  Each week I have been challenged to do a little more, last week I was able to bike 12 minutes at 80 rpm level 2 and recover fairly quickly.  Now level three is possible for short durations during a ride.  Recently we started on the elliptical, a machine I thought I would never be able to use.  It was a challenging 5 minutes, but we even did it a second time.  Me on an elliptical!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could exercise like that!

I have taken advantage of nutrition and eating classes offered, and continue to learn ways to eat cleaner in addition to strength training.  I am loosing weight, my clothes are fitting better, taking walks, using my clubhouse gym, exploring new healthier foods, loving cooking standing up, have remarkably improved energy, endurance, and am so much more active overall.  My overall quality of life has improved dramatically.  I have a long and continued challenge to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible and weight loss, but I have surprised myself looking back how far I have come physically, how much I have learned, how much stronger and motivated and happier and healthier I am…and I’m no longer hiding out in the restroom!


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