Jerry Rape came to Sensible Fitness in 2009, when he was 66 years old and has since turned his health and quality of life around full circle.  His story is quite inspirational, and he is kind enough to share it with us.

Jerry came across our TV program a couple of times and it caught his attention, but he was not interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle at that time.  “It was much later.  I was not sick but I felt sluggish all the time, and I was also dealing with greif from losing my wife, so I decided to make a change”, Jerry recalls, “that is when found you on the internet and emailed you.”  After sending the email, he thought he would not hear back from us, but he got a response within just a few hours.  Jerry remembered saying to himself “These guys are either really good, or else business is really slow”, and he jokingly says today “that obviously business was slow”.

Jerry made a commitment to living healthier.  He drove from downtown Cincinnati, to us in Blue Ash, three times a week.  He also started riding a bicycle regulary with his nephew and totally restructuring his eating habits.  Jerry follows the nutritional guidance of Dr. Furhman who is an author of many books on improving your health through lifestyle changes.

Jerry then moved to Santa Rosa, CA for a few years, where he continued his lifestyle with yoga, bike riding, strength training with a personal trainer, and a faithful dedication to healthy eating.  Nothing is more rewarding for us than when a client fully commits to a healthy lifestyle outside of Sensible Fitness.

Now, we are blessed that Jerry has moved back and returned to us at Sensible Fitness.  Jerry is still bicycling over 50 miles per week, strength training with us, and also playing water volleyball regularly.  He has been seeking out new adventures that are afforded him from the higher quality of life that healthly living brings.  He recently went soaring in a glider.  A glider is towed a mile high into the sky by a motorized plane and then released to glide back.  “It was an incredible experience.”  This autumn Jerry plans to go zip lining.  At 72, he does not plan to start acting his age anytime soon.

Check out Jerry’s soaring flight…

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