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You have probably heard of people that get out of prison and have a hard time adapting to life outside of the jail cell.  After spending years in prison, it becomes the “norm”.  Although an incredibly rough place to live, with often times very ugly things happening, and surrounded by potentially evil people…it becomes a normal way to live…and when this person enters the free world, they struggle greatly.  Their brain becomes reprogrammed, and life in prison is comfortable.  Movies have been made from this stuff…Shawshank Redemption is a classic.

People caught in vicious cycle of weight loss are the same way.  Eating crap and being inactive becomes the norm.  For years and years and years a person maintains unhealthy eating habits, and does little physical activity.  Attempts of being healthy are often switching to Lean Cuisine’s, starting a casual walking program or other exercise program that inevitably  performed at 50% intensity, instead of 90.  This person tells themselves that they are living healthy, but with marginal results at best, lose motivation and go back to the “norm”…the default position of an unhealthy lifestyle.

We all probably realize that the battle ground of weight loss is between the ears.  I have had countless clients have incredible results.  “I am off my insulin, am sleeping better, and am in jeans I have not worn for 6 years…I feel great.”  I think that they have “seen the light” that a healthy lifestyle brings, but no, they quit and go back to the prison of a crappy lifestyle.

I like the analogy of an unhealthy lifestyle being like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.  Each blow of the hammer can be something like high cholesterol, having a fat butt, Diabetes, flabby arms, not being able to sleep, having no energy, a big belly….the list is endless.  And instead of living a healthy lifestyle, people instead say…..”No, give me that hammer….I want to hit myself in the head some more.”

People who have never been to prison cannot imagine how horrible it must be to live behind bars.  Likewise, people who embrace a healthy lifestyle cannot imagine how horrible it must be to live unhealthy and carry all the baggage it brings.  The first step in successful weight loss is reprogramming your brain.  Chances are you are not thinking clearly.

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