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Muriel came to Sensible Fitness over 9 years ago, which was soon after the death of her beloved husband.  Her goal is the same now, as it was then….to maintain a higher quality of life.

Muriel is an incredible woman.  She had 3 children, ages 6 months, 9 years, and 10 years when her husband had a stroke.  Norm was 37 years old when the stroke debilitated him.  It greatly affected one side of his body, leaving one arm and one leg with a greatly reduced function.  Muriel said that Norm would still not stop, and try to help out however he could.  He would tie his bad arm to the self-propelled push mower and still mow the lawn.  Keep in mind this is a man with an arm and leg that basically are barely working at all!

Muriel raised 3 children while caring for her husband for decades. All of her children worked and made it successfully through college and are thriving today.  Muriel has a very strong faith and this helped her all along the way.  When I ask her how she raised 3 kids, took care of Norm, and provided for all the demands of a family, she replies “prayers work!”.

Muriel has a huge heart and when you see the challenges that she has overcome, you realize she is one tough cookie as well.  She has a special place in the hearts of many at Sensible Fitness, but the most special place in mine.

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