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Just you and a highly qualified personal trainer.

Rates start at
$71 per session.

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Semi-private personal training client with personal trainer


A program designed just for you, with huge savings.

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We design a custom program that you perform at your own home or gym.

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The education and experience of a trainer is the most important thing you can look for.  The personal trainer near Loveland, Ohio with exceptional credentials is at Sensible Fitness Personal Training.  Owned and operated by Doug Gibson, a Physical Therapy professional, you will not find another facility with credentials that come close.  At a mainstream gym, you might just get a kid that is recently “certified”, but certainly not qualified.  Not the case here.

All programs are endorsed by our team of medical professionals. We offer both one-on-one personal training, as well as small group personal training that is offered at incredible savings.

Many of our clients live or work in Loveland, Ohio, as we are just a few minutes away.  Our facility is entirely private.  This means if you are feeling apprehension because you are not in the greatest shape, your concerns end here.  Our facility is totally non-intimidating, as it is only trainers with their clients and we promise you will say “I feel comfortable here”.  We are not open for public use.

One of the best thing is that we have no membership fees or other hidden charges.   Everything here is done with a personal trainer and you only pay for your time with them.   Because most of our clients are over 40 and have the aches and pains that go along with it, we adjust all workouts to each person’s abilities, orthopedic issues, or medical conditions.

We have multiple options for personal training services, including one-on-one training, small group training, or a Do It Yourself option where we teach you what to do at your home or gym.  Check out our services below.

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