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Just you and a highly qualified personal trainer.

Rates start at
$71 per session.

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Semi-private personal training client with personal trainer


A program designed just for you, with huge savings.

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We design a custom program that you perform at your own home or gym.

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Because of the number of huge mainstream gyms, finding a good personal trainer near West Chester, Ohio, can be a challenge.  Many of the personal trainers at mainstream gyms have limited education and experience.  It is where a trainer starts out to get their feet wet.  The few minutes it takes to drive to Sensible Fitness is well worth it, as you will get an exceptionally qualified personal trainer.

Sensible Fitness is owned and operated by a Physical Therapy professional, who establishes all protocols executed with their clients.  This insures a safe and effective program, one that is endorsed by their team of medical professionals.  Because of the educational background and extensive experience of our staff, many people that come to Sensible Fitness are mature adults that have orthopedic or other medical issues.

Our facility is private and non-intimidating, which appeals to many who feel a bit of anxiety when entering a crowded gym full of finger-pointing fit people.  At Sensible Fitness, it is only clients with their personal trainer, and everyone is in the same boat as you are.  The most common response from people is “I feel comfortable here”.

Sensible Fitness offers a variety of personal training services, including private training, semi-private (very small group), and a Do It Yourself program for that only want to learn a program they can perform at their own home or gym.  We also have nutritional services with a Registered Dietitian, along with a host of Health Coaching services.

Our owner lives in West Chester, and he will tell you it only takes 13 minutes to get to Sensible Fitness, which is on the northern edge of Blue Ash.  We have been established for over 20 years, and are dedicated to the best customer service with timeliness and personal attention to your needs and desires.

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