cake recipe approved by personal trainer

Here is a pineapple cake that is approved by your favorite Cincinnati personal trainer!  It is incredibly refreshing and has the approval of your favorite Cincinnati personal trainer.

Dessert is a part of a healthy lifestyle!  As I pointed out in my blog on the “12 traits of skinny people”, depriving yourself of certain foods leads to unhealthy eating habits.  Telling yourself that “I cannot eat that”, will only lead to you thinking about it more and more, and eventually caving in and binging.

Sweets are a part of a healthy lifestyle.  Or maybe I should say that backwards…when you live a healthy lifestyle, sweets can be a part of it.  You can enjoy this occasionally and in moderation without a huge impact to your waistline, and certainly without guilt or shame.

My 12 Traits of Skinny People was also published by the Cincinnati news!

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