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If you are expecting me to tell you to restrict your calories and give up holiday treats, you are wrong. While the holidays are in no means a “get out of jail free card” when it comes to calorie consumption, you should most certainly enjoy the fine food and drinks that accompany the season. And yes, you will gain weight.

Depriving yourself is not a part of a healthy lifestyle. Deprivation only leads to more desire for the “forbidden fruit” and this often leads to binging when you inevitably break down.

The holiday season should be treated the same as a vacation. A time to enjoy yourself, which includes dietary treats! Gaining a couple of pounds should not make you feel guilty or ashamed. Guilt and shame are emotions that often fuel unhealthy eating behaviors. Accept the few added pounds, tighten up the lifestyle after the holidays, and the weight will come back off over a few weeks.

For those of you currently overweight, you must realize one thing. It is not what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Years that makes you overweight. It is what you eat between New Years and Thanksgiving. Those 11 months are your lifestyle.

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