Motivational statement about reaching weight loss goals.

To reach your weight loss goals, one of the biggest obstacles is first getting the proper mindset.  All to often people enter this journey with the “I will try” or “let’s see if this works” attitude, and I have found this is a recipe for disaster.  Just by saying this, you have already laid the groundwork for eventually saying “well I tried, BUT…”, or “I thought that would have worked, BUT…”

Lots of people want to shrink their butt.  In order for this to happen, you have to shrink your “buts”, and this is done between the ears.  After being in the personal training industry for so many years, I would say hands down the biggest obstacle to overcome is a defeated attitude.  An example of this would be the many times I have asked someone about the exercise they planned to do over the upcoming weekend.  “Well, the weather…”, “My son has soccer games…”, “I had to go to my Mom’s Saturday morning…”.  Very similar excuses, are given when I ask about recent healthy eating.  “I tried, BUT…”, “I planned to BUT….”.  The list goes on.

If your first response to any aspect of reaching your weight loss goal is some form of resistance or excuse, you are doomed to reach your fitness goals.  One of the bigger success stories come from our client Kate, who walked in our doors, told us her story of being overweight and miserable, and then literally broke into tears.  She had hit rock bottom, and she surrendered to our guidance and followed it precisely.  She was ready for change and avoided “I tried, BUT…”.  She had the right attitude from the start and succeeded tremendously.  She went from size 16 to 00 in a matter of months.  By eliminating her “buts”, her butt shrunk too.  She became the queen of our “Tiny Heinie” club!

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