How many New Year’s resolutions have you kept?  This is the time of year where mainstream gyms are packed with those chasing the scale…wanting to lose weight.  It drives the regular gym users crazy, as everyone knows they will all be gone in a few weeks.  In my opinion, a New Year’s resolution of losing weight is a waste of time.  Or at least the way people go about it is.

I do not weigh people at Sensible Fitness, because this puts the focus on weight, and drives people to chase a number on the scale.  It also messes with your self-esteem when you gain a pound or two, and a scale does not measure self-esteem.  I have actually toyed with the idea of getting rid of the scales in the bathrooms.  Ask someone who is thin and lives a healthy lifestyle “how many times do you weight yourself each week?” and the answer could likely be “I do not weigh myself.”  A scale does not measure a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is what makes you thin.  So ditch the scale.

I challenge you to either add a healthy trait as a resolution, or get rid of an unhealthy one.  I have challenged a couple of clients to use a cutting board 5 of 7 days each week.  Why?  If you are using a cutting board, you are killing two birds with one stone.  First, you are shopping in the produce aisle, and this produce will need to be chopped up.  Secondly, you are cooking.  When the majority of your food comes from a box or package (processed food), or from a restaurant, you are NOT living a healthy lifestyle.

If you would rather ditch an unhealthy trait, consider never skipping breakfast or stop eating 3-4 hours before bed.  Strengthening, firming, sculpting, and boosting your metabolism happens in the gym.  Weight loss usually happens in the kitchen, as this is where most blow it!

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