Semi-private personal training client with personal trainer

Semi-private personal training is the most popular choice in Cincinnati. You get the same custom workout you would receive with private personal training, but because the trainer is supervising another, you enjoy substantial savings.  With semi-private personal training, you are not side-by-side with strangers from Cincinnati, but rather the trainer is supervising your workout separately from others.

Our facility is spacious enough that you are not crowded, yet small enough that our trainers can watch you from anywhere.  Your program is designed in relation to your goals, your ability, and your physical/medical limitations if present.  Your personal trainer will be following a medically approved protocol established by our owner, a Physical Therapy professional.

With a personal trainer being on your team, you are assured of getting maximum results.  Your trainer will assure you avoid injury, keep you motivated, and the most important thing…keep you accountable!  You can and will achieve your goals!

~Weight loss

~Muscle toning and sculpting

~Sleep better

~ Feel younger with energy

~ Higher quality of life

~Higher self-esteem

This training is typically offered on weekdays from 7am – 10am and 4pm-7pm, on Saturday mornings, and limited Sunday morning hours.

Your first session of semi-private training is offered at half price.

Contact us to register and get started!


$51 per session

We offer discounted packages of sessions, or you can pay-as-you-go with no commitment.

Watch this video for overview of semi-private personal training