Sonya Hughes is a honorable graduate of lifestyle change.  After coming to Sensible Fitness years ago, she has maintained a healthy lifestyle and is still living large today.  This is her story…

I have struggled with my weight since 2004, after I was severely injured in an automobile accident. My most notable injury was a crushed pelvis, which left me immobile for several months. I started in a wheelchair, once I was able to get around with the use of a walker, I continued to receive physical therapy for nearly a year after that. Unfortunately, I let personal issues, and my fear of re-injuring myself, keep me from getting back into shape immediately. For these reasons, I allowed my weight to creep up from an average of 140 pounds to a staggering 200 pounds!

The even scarier thing is, obesity runs in my family, and very poor eating habits. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I was very cognizant of this and really worked hard at staying in shape, and keeping my body weight at a healthy range for my height.


Two years ago, my employer initiated a weight loss contest, which helped motivate me into getting back into shape, as I knew that using my accident as an excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle was getting old, quickly! I won that contest, by watching what I ate very carefully and walking an average of 5-6 miles every morning. Just by making those changes, I lost 40 pounds in three months! After winning the contest, I became addicted to walking every day, but very quickly got right back into the eating habits that I had prior to the contest.

While walking every day has helped me to keep my weight from creeping back up, I am really struggling to lose the last 20 pounds, and that is why I called Sensible Fitness. I realize that restricting myself to 1200 calories every day and walking from here to Tim Buk Tu every morning isn’t going to solve my weight issues long term. I need to learn lifelong skills from trainers who know what they are talking about, and are going to put me through my paces, when I start to falter.

This isn’t going to be easy, nothing worth having ever is. This is an investment into my future, and my long-term health. I feel very comfortable at Sensible Fitness, and the trainers have been very insightful and motivating. I am very happy in the knowledge that one day soon, I am going to have the body back that I lost, and took for granted for the last six years.

-Sonya HughesSonya.pig

UPDATE:  Sonya successfully completed the Flying Pig Marathon and maintains a healthy lifestyle to this day!

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