“I may not like it”

“I do not want to commit without trying it first”

We understand you may have feelings of apprehension, so we offer you this…


Your first trial session (private or semi-private) is half price!

Our 20+ years in business has given us confidence in believing that you will love us. But we will make it easy on you with a great deal.

Not valid with any other discount.  See our deal as a Google post.

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The gift that keeps on giving would certainly be a healthy lifestyle.   It could be a session or two to learn a program to do on your own, or a package of sessions to insure a successful transition into thinner, firmer, healthier, and happier person.  From now until December 15th, we are offering 20% off…

You have until July 10th at 6pm to purchase this deal, and only the first 5 customers will get it.  10% off all nutrition services offered by our dietitian.  We have many service options, and surely one is right for you.  Check out the list by clicking here.  ACT NOW!

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