Time for me to vent a little bit.  Most people associate weight loss with starving themselves.  Itsy-bitsy portions, and always being hungry…never satisfied.  BULL CRAP!  Now if you are eating calorie dense food, portion control is a huge factor in losing weight, as most people eating a traditional American diet are pounding down sugar, fat, and salt.  But if you are eating healthy, many of your food selections will have unlimited portion sizes.


But can you lose weight will eating huge portions sizes?  Oh hell yes!  First let’s be more specific.  I am talking about losing fat, and not necessarily losing “weight”.  Most people diet away a bunch of muscle with their fat, and end up with a super-slow metabolism.  With the proper nutrition program, you will eat so much you will be sick of eating, and still lose fat.

Case and point.  Here is a picture of me as Mr. Ohio, with about 2% body fat.  During this phase in my training, my portions for meals were HUGE.  A dozen egg whites with oatmeal, three times a day.  Two full chicken breasts with pasta and veggies twice a day, a full bag of rice cakes…all examples of massive quantities.  And I lost fat.  While this is an unrealistic example of a diet for you to follow, I do not want you miss my point.  Eating healthy means eating a lot.

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes the knowledge of nutrition that goes along with it.  And thinking that you have to eat like a bird to lose weight is totally false.  It all boils down to what you are eating!

While on the topic of weight loss, let’s touch base on the holidays.  The holidays is not the time to focus on weight loss.  In fact, maintaining weight or just gaining a pound or two is a victory!  You should not deprive yourself of holiday festivities, but at the same time it is not a “get out of jail free card” for gluttony.  Thanksgiving dinner is only one meal, so that will not have a big impact unless you turn it into a feast over several days.  Enjoying the multiple parties and holidays in December/January will have a greater impact, but remember it is not the time between Thanksgiving and New Years that make you fat….it is the time between New Years and Thanksgiving.  Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle!

Here is a graphic that Patty shared with me that is a great visual to this topic….


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