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The bad news in 2016 was that I lost 3 hives.  This could be because of beekeeper error, but my mentor says it could just be “beekeeping”, as you never really know why this happens.  While I was letting all 3 of these lost hives build up honey stores for the winter, when they die, guess who gets the honey?  You do!  All clients got a bottle of honey for Christmas this year.  This honey was simply put through a strainer to filter out wax or pollen particles, and is as raw as it can get.  Super sweet stuff!

For those newsletter readers that are not clients, let me explain the Uncle Donkey’s honey name.  When my young nephew could not pronounce Uncle Dougie, “Uncle Donkey” was born…HEE HAW!

This is the time of year to prepare for spring by building more hive structures if needed.  I am set and will be capturing a couple of swarms this spring to have a total of 3 hives…being optimistic that my current colony will survive the winter.

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