Tax deductible personal training in Cincinnati

You can have tax deductible personal training in Cincinnati.
If you are overweight and have a medical condition because of this (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, the list is long…), the IRS allows you to pay for a weight loss program (your personal training program) through your health savings account.  You may also be able to pay for your personal training through a health insurance policy if you have a flexible spending account, or a cafeteria plan.
Clients in the past have gotten a prescription for a “weight loss program” from their doctor and submitted that with a receipt from Sensible Fitness Personal Training for reimbursement.  We cannot bill the insurance company.  You need to pay for your program and then get reimbursed.
Details of this are seen in Publication 969 from the IRS.  It is only a “weight loss program” that can qualify for tax deductible personal training in Cincinnati, and not training desired for other reasons.

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