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Philadelphia will become the first US city to implement a tax on sugary drinks starting in January of 2017.  It is expected to raise $90 million dollars and improve the health of 1.5 million residents.  More than 68% of adults and 41% of kids in Philadelphia are overweight or obese.  The revenue is going to be spent on schools and recreation centers.  The tax will be about $1 per 2-liter bottle.

Taxes like this have failed in more than 30 states and the only other place with a similar tax is Berkeley in California.  The city council voted 13-4 to implement the tax.  But like all things in America, it will find its way into court.  Multimillionaire Harold Honickman, who made his fortune in soft drink bottling, has spent and estimated $1.7 fighting the tax and now says he will file a lawsuit against the case.

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