The bees are continuing to make flights out of the hive with the occasional warm weather.  In the busy summer months, a worker bee only lives about 42 days, but in the less active winter months they can live 4-8 months.  Compare to this, a queen bee that can live two or more years.

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Here are some facts about bees:

~ The queen is incapable of taking care of her most basic needs.  She cannot feed herself, groom herself, or even leave the hive to go poo.  Her attendants take care of all of this.

~ A queen can produce 1,500 eggs a day, in 30-second intervals.

~ The queens daily egg production can weigh more than her body weight.

~ Royal jelly is a substance produced in the head of a nurse bee and is what transforms a normal egg into an egg that will turn into a queen bee.

~ Former Duchess of York, “Fergie”, was said to have eaten royal jelly while she was trying to become pregnant.

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